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Meet the Health Experts

Dr. Ralph La Guardia - M.D.

How to Treat Chronic Diseases and Maintain a Vigorously Healthy Body

- How to be empowered to treat chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, and osteoarthritis.
- The truth about the Zika virus.
- What feeds Cancer?
- What's blocking our endocrine receptors?
- The link between nutrition, gardening, and health.
- The importance of zinc, magnesium and iodine.
- The most effective way to use essential oils.
- Know what to treat, why your treating it and how to treat it using non-prescription medicines.
- And more!
Dr. Jerry Duggar - Chirpractic Physician

How To Create Health from the Inside Out

- What are the 5 key systems of the body?
- Which one of these 5 key systems is most important to our health?
- What turns on and off our genes?
- How to take back control of our health.
- How to be as health as possible for future situations.
- How food sensitivities and allergies are created.
- How to rebuild the gut lining.
- And more!
Dr. Michelle Jorgensen - Holistic Dentist

Dental Mysteries Revealed: How to Heal Your Teeth from the Inside Out

- Why root canals are a problem.
- Best tooth brushing methods.
- How diet affects the teeth.
- The danger of mercury fillings.
- Whether or not to use fluoride.
- What we can do to heal our teeth.
- Is oil pulling beneficial to our health?
- And more!

Dianne Bjarnson - Midwife, Herbalist

The Best for Less - Making Your Own Pregnancy Supplements

- Things a woman can do that will nutritionally support herself and her baby.
- How to make basic nutritional supplements by foraging in your own backyard or by growing specific plants.
- The top herb for pregnancy and female complications.
- How to grow and use the most important herbs for nutritional support.
- And more!
Neal Bosshardt - Clay Expert

Healing Wounds, Bites, Stings, Crohn's and Celiac's Using Clay

- How to use clay for detoxing.
- How to use clay for Crohn's disease.
- How to use clay for Celiac's.
- How to use clay for open wounds.
- How to use clay for burns of all types.
- And more!

Dr. Kyle Christensen - Chirpractor, Herbalist

Using Medicinal Plants for Illnesses and Improved Health

- How to make and use a hand full of the most important medicinal solutions for the most common health threats we face.
- How to create homemade ACV.
- How to make a powerful immune tincture for flu's, colds, and other illnesses.
- How to make one of the most effective cough syrups.
- Why it's important we unite together to help one another during a time of calamity.
- And more!

Bryan Hempel - Former US Combat Medic

Traumatic First Aid & Responding to Medical Emergencies

- Why every person should know how to administer life-saving skills.
- How to prepare and respond to a medical emergency.
- Care when danger is eminent.
- Opening and managing casualty's airway.
- Addressing abdominal wounds.
- Clearing upper airway obstruction.
- Treating open or closed head wounds.
- Administering chest compressions.
- And more!

Dr. Patrick Jones - Veterinarian, Herbalist

Herbal Wound Management

- Using herbs for healing large and open wounds.
- Using herbs to control bleeding.
- Using herbs to pull poison out of the body.
- Using herbs to heal spider bites, snake bites, kidney stones, bladder infections, gangrene, and more.
- List of Dr. Jones most important herbs and how to use them for a variety of issues.
- The newest breathrough for healing large, open wounds using a new (and easier) method using herbs.
-And more!
Laree Westover - Herbalist, Midwife

Blended Essential Oils Basics

- Healing without side effects of drug therapy.
- How to use essential oils.
- Using essential oils for acne, adrenal fatigue, illnesses, and balancing the body systems.
-And more!

Dr. Joe & Amy Alton
Medical Doctor, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, Authors of The Survival
Medicine Handbook

Bleeding Management
  • Identifying varying types of wounds and how to treat each of them
  • Becoming familiar with the best tools for stopping bleeding.
  • Learn improvised tools to stop bleeding.
  • Tips for preparing yourself and accumulating materials for disaster situations and emergencies.
Dr. Erik Lundquist
Medical Doctor, Holistic
Doctor, Founder of Temecula
Center for Integrative Healing,
Past Battalion Surgeon

Resolving (and Preventing) Chronic Illnesses

  • 5 things we can do to do improve our health and overcome chronic health issues:
  • The problems that we face and how we can get better.
  • Finding the small percentages that are contributing to our health problems and how these small percentages add up.
  • Importance of being connected to your community.
  • Getting rid of fear and guilt.
Claudia Orgill
Founder of Healthy
Preparedness, Author of
Beyond Wheat and Weeds

Storing and Using Alternative Remedies for Common Illnesses

  • The most prevalent health issues we should keep in mind and learn remedies for.
  • Effective alternative remedies for common day-to-day illnesses.
  • Most important (and even life-saving) tools for using specific alternative remedies.
  • And more!

Dr. Sunshine Weeks
Naturopathic Doctor,

Herbal Walk in Temcula California
  • How to identify specific herbs to treat coughs, poor digestion, bleeding, Lyme disease and more!
  • When to leave or pick a plant.
  • How to use specific herbs for many health ailments.
  • The correct mentality to have when picking local herbs.
  • And more!


Dr. Donna C. Ruiz
Pediatrician, Board Certified Integrative Physician

Homeopathic First Aid Uses for Children and Babies

  • What is homeopathy and how does it work?
  • How do we use homeopathy for our children?
  • How to effectively use homeopathy for: croup, colds, coughs, bruises, nerve pain, allergy symptoms, colic, sore throat, ear aches, fever hand foot and mouth disease, travelers diarrhea, stye,  sprains and more.
Dr. Evan Brady
Chiropractic Physician,
Masters in Oriental Medicine
and Acupuncture

Practial Solutions for Releasing Emotions for Improved Health

  • Recognizing how emotion can be tied to physical symptoms.
  • 3 steps for identifying and releasing trapped emotions yourself.
  • Case studies on how emotional release changed relationships, addiction, and physical pain.
David Christopher
Master Herbalist, Director of
School or Natural Healing

Physical and Mental Health Basics

  • How to work with the body when a fever has developed.
  • The best way to get nutrition into our body.
  • How to prepare our body so alternative remedies will be more effective when we need them.
  • The problem with vaccinations.
  • What to do (and not do) for high blood pressure.
  • What's causing the high rate of suicide?
  • Specific foods to help prevent or heal the body.
  • And more!

Dr. Jordan Baker
Holistic Dentist, 2 yrs. Advanced Training
Training in Oral Surgery

Addressing Oral and Facial Trauma

  • How to stabilize jaw fractures until medical help is available.
  • How to drain a small abscess.
  • How to optimize health.
  • Essential oral equipment for 72 hour kits.
  • Basics of dental infections and management techniques.
  • How oral health is connected to our systemic health.
  • How to do a facial trauma examination.
  • Identifying different types of dental infections
  • And more!

Dr. Jeffrey Baker
Obstetrician Gynecologist, Chief
Medical Officer for The Healing
Sanctuary, Integrative, Ayurvedic,
and Functional Medicine Physician

How To Eliminate Stress and Live Joyfully

  • A secret to releasing stress quickly.
  • How to improve inner stability and inner peace and joy.
  • Power tools that can help reset our inner self and bring us peace.
  • A step that has been clinically shown to increase spiritual intution.
  • The number one thing to getting better or staying healthy.
  • The "Fab 5" supplements.
  • And more!

Dr. Claudia Keyworth
Wellness Practitioner,
Author, Health Coach,
and Public Speaker

Understanding the Connection Between Poor Health and Today's Malnourishment Epidemic

  • What over 20 years of being a pharmaceutical rep (turned naturopathic doctor) taught her about health and disease.
  • Why people are malnourished in the richest countries in the world.
  • How malnourishment breaks down our health.
  • Why our current system of healthcare isn't working and what we can do about it.
  • Debunking low fat diets.
  • The danger of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Three types of nutritional supplements.
  • The dangers of hidden toxins in our food.
  • And more!



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